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Research Statement


Success in public higher education and in the political sphere is largely dependent on opportunities to cultivate skills that can enhance one’s chances of ascending to the highest positions. My research aims to address how rhetorical performance qualities, public perception, and necessary experiences equate to success. There is a need for additional research within the field of higher education that addresses communication and leadership styles necessary in leadership positions. These areas need increased attention when gender is also a factor. Specifically, my research focuses on providing insight on how gender and culture can present distinctive advantages, if used effectively, to achieve success.


One individual area that my research aims to address is how women can find more opportunities to be groomed for public leadership positions in higher education and politics. As women begin to seek leadership positions in the public sphere in greater numbers, there is research needed to determine if women can gain access to the same opportunities for preparation as their male counter parts. Through qualitative research, I address the experiences of women in leadership in public higher education and in politics.

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