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Teaching Philosophy 


As a result of an ever changing social and political climate, I strive to use my professional and educational background, skills and training to support a learning environment that is open to interdisciplinary, traditional and scientific methods of obtaining knowledge. There is increasingly becoming a need for students to be prepared with both academic knowledge and practical professional experiences and skills. I believe that the classroom should be an arena that supports and provides opportunities for students to both learn and introduce knowledge through presenting arguments and theory through experiences and activities that are beneficial in the classroom and in business and industry. 

I want to ensure that students have the opportunity to find value in every assignment and class session and that value should translate to information and activities that build both the student’s academic and professional portfolios. In an effort to create an environment that supports research and cultivates knowledge, theory, academic journals and other scholarly sources are used along with the opportunity to put that knowledge to use both in and out of the classroom through structured assignments. As an educator I believe that it is incumbent upon me to create a professional environment that encourages respectful interaction and equal investment from all participants. 

During my undergraduate career I flourished when I began to think of my academic work as a business. By treating my assignment due dates as deadlines, my research projects as proposals and arguments and my transcript management as a way to advance and increase my investment in my education, I was able to gain a deeper appreciation for education and higher learning. It is through that lens that I view the educational experience. My class is designed help prepare students to continue their academic careers, but also introduces to some a corporate like environment that appreciates ambition, initiative and interpersonal skills. Students should be able to learn and teach and understand that the value of their education and degrees are in their control, however, I consider it my purpose to be a facilitator who provides the environment, opportunity and academic knowledge that will support students meeting their individual goals and objectives. 


  • Be able to successfully communicate the theories, readings and concepts introduced through verbal and written opportunities.  

  • Provide and environment that supports professional development inside the classroom.

  • Establish a rapport with students that makes learning interactive and participatory. 

  • Provide tools that will assist students with transitioning skills and knowledge learned in the classroom to their future and current careers. 

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